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  • Foshan Xendoll Intelligent Technology co., Ltd.


    For 18 years, we have focused on the research and development and production of small and micro machine tools. The product series are comprehensive, high-quality, and the choice of 6000+ users is worth your trust.
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    Foshan Xendoll Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.Established in 2002, we are a young and energetic team with average age under 30 and good education. We have developed machines since 1998, based on manufacturing a small machine (tools). Now we professionally manufacture mini multipurpose machine, intelligent machine, measure equipment, etc.
    Mini multipurpose machine is made up of various parts, which can be assembled into different machines up to 10 functions. Such as lathe, woodturning lathe, jigsaw, milling machine, sanding machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, copying attachment woodturning lathe, etc. Various wood, plastic and aluminum (soft metal) are good materials for the machine.

    In 1998, a research team was established to develop a miniature universal machine tool
    Became a member of Shunde Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Association in 2004
    2005 Universal machine tool professional package passed CE certification
    In 2006, the aluminum alloy micro digital display lathe and digital display milling machine were successfully developed
    Utility model patents
    Member of China Education Equipment Industry Association
    The 17th and 18th Skills Test Certificate
    The 20th Skills Test Certificate
    Guangdong Province Key New Product Certificate
    Member of Guangdong Educational Equipment Industry Association
    Certificate of the 19th National Innovation Competition
    Certificate of the 28th Guangdong Youth Science and Technology Competition
    2020 Insurance Certificate
    Beijing Miyun Vocational School CNC Training Base
    Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Advanced Technical School Numerical Control Base
    Zhangjiagang Shazhou Institute of Technology Integrated Numerical Control Training Base
    Vocational schools, colleges and universities integrated science and practice CNC training base
    Tanggu First Vocational College's integrated classroom
    Maker laboratory of domestic research institutes
    Qingdao Huanghai University Innovation Laboratory
    Guilin University of Technology Innovation Laboratory
    Beijing Second Middle School Maker Lab
    Shenyang University of Chemical Technology

    Safety machine series

    Use 12V safety voltage to protect from the source. The saw blade of the jigsaw is specially designed, it will not hurt hands even if it is accidentally touched during working. Safety, small size, easy to use and complete functions are the obvious features of the product. This gives people who want to use machinery but are afraid of being hurt a chance to get in touch. By doing it yourself, we can fully understand and master the preliminary mechanical knowledge, exercise the flexibility of mechanical operation, improve the imagination and organization ability of three-dimensional space, and experience the convenience brought by machinery and the sense of achievement brought by creation. With the characteristics of variable structure, you can quickly refit the equipment according to different processing needs, so that you can enjoy the mechanical structure!
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    CNC machine tool series

    The product is based on the scaled miniaturization of industrial machine tools. It has the standard structure of industrial CNC machine tools and the functions of CNC programming and processing. The school has low investment and low consumption. The desktop-level equipment teaching is observable, so that students no longer have a sense of fear of the machine, and the practical operation is quick.
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    Maker gadget

    Small and precise, full-featured, simple and easy to use, it is an essential equipment option for campus makers
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    Customer case

    Campus maker, metalworking and woodworking, labor technology, general technology, science and technology museum, youth activity center, labor education base, home DIY construction scene
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    Numerical control programming, theory and practice integrated training room construction scene
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    Processing case

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    Small and precise, full-featured, simple and easy to use, it is an essential equipment option for campus makers
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